App installation gets stuck

Giuliano Maurizio Laudone maurizio.laudone at
Thu Oct 31 11:56:12 CST 2002

Hi people,
I am trying to install a scientific application  (which has been
programmed in VB6 and the install wizard has been prepared with the
Visual Studio package and deployment tool) on a linux(only!!)Red Hat 8.0
box using wine(vers.20020605-2). It didn't like the builtin version of
oleaut32.dll so i gave it the native windows one and the installation
proceeded a step further. It copies the file it needs for the
installation but when it comes to the point in which it says to shut any
other running program and gives me the 2 option (OK or Exit Setup) I
cannot press either of the buttons using the mouse and the only thing
which works is alt-X (or ESC) to exit the soon as i
exit the installation the mouse buttons start working again and I can
complete the few steps to exit the installation and delete the files
already copied...I'm a total newbie to wine so I was wondering if anyone
has any idea on what am I doing wrong and how can I fix it. Any help is
very much appreciated

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