Certain apps - no printers

Charles Logan clogan at bluenorthernsoftware.com
Thu Sep 12 21:41:59 CDT 2002

It's taken a while, but with good old trial and error (and lots of good 
advice from this list) I've managed to get Wine printing... most of the time.
With the current config I'm using, CUPS, KDE, Debian, all but a couple of the 
Windows apps I've installed print to the local printer perfectly.  However, 
there are a couple other apps that can't seem to find a printer
at all.  Going to the print dialog, the 'select printer' field is blank.  On 
the apps that are working, my trusty HP4 is listed there and accessible.
Aside from the missing printer, all other aspects of these apps seems fine.
Why a few apps see the printer and others don't is what's baffling me.
Is there something I'm missing in the app's default config that would make 
the printer show up?  Certainly not the end of life as I knew it if it can't 
be done, but I'm sooooo close now I hate to give up.  :)   TIA!

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