installing a win software

Sylvain Petreolle spetreolle at
Sun Sep 22 19:03:26 CDT 2002

give more information:
wine version, linux distribution, where to download,
error messages.

I see on your screenshot that D: has a problem (check /mnt/windows)
and try to install with ole set as native if you can.

 --- fabsah <fabrice.groleau at> a écrit : > Hi !
> I've been trying hard to install a windows software with WINE.
> The name of the software is Distrinet. It's made by AMP (The company
> that distribute newspapers in belgium) and that's the only piece of
> software I'm forced to use at work under windows. It would be a joy
> for
> me to make it work under linux and be able to delete windows for
> good.

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