Problem with Divx codec in VirtualDub

Ronald Castillo ronaldace2 at
Wed Sep 25 16:54:17 CDT 2002


I've been trying to use Virtualdub for converting videos, but each time I 
click on Save to AVI it gets stuck if I try to use the Divx Codec version 
4.X.  If I tell it not to use the codec everything works well.

How can I do to let it use that codec? I have a Debian Sarge system running 
Wine 09-04-2002. I use a fake-windows instalation but I can get DLL files 
from Windows XP and 98.

Since I'm new to the list I don't know what extra information do you need to 
help me, but don't hesitate to ask for anything you need.

Thank for your help.

Ronald Castillo

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