newby build (myapp not wine) Q

Shawn javajunkie at
Fri Apr 11 04:19:38 CDT 2003


I have a question about adapting a build script to my environment that
is used to make an excecutable suitable for wine.

First dependencies though.  Alas RH8 using glibc2.3 so I am trying the
recent developers release but need to figure out these paths first  

in build script					in wine-20030408
_______________					_________________

BINDIR    = /usr/bin				-- same ok
WINESOURCEDIR = /home/asbel/devel/wine 		-- ok
WINELIBSDIR  = /usr/lib/wine  		      --$(WINESOURCEDIR)/libs
BUILD     = $(WINESOURCEDIR)/tools/build   	-- /tools/winebuild???
WRC       = $(WINESOURCEDIR)/tools/wrc/wrc 	-- same

Do those look right?
Shawn <javajunkie at>

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