What's with the socket file?

Fredrik Persson frepe at bredband.net
Tue Apr 15 16:11:54 CDT 2003

I've just installed Gentoo Linux hoping to run some decent Direct Connect client on it. After trying the 
ones included in Gentoo, I decided they weren't good enough. (They crashed.) So I'd like to try DC++ 
using wine. So I installed winex-cvs in the Gentoo distro. 
However, it doesn't really work. This is what I get (zeppo is my box): 
$ winex-cvs .winex-cvs/fake_windows/Program\ Files/DCPlusPlus-0.241/DCPlusPlus.exe 
wine: lstat /home/frepe/.winex-cvs/wineserver-zeppo/socket : No such file or directory 
I've googled around and found that if  remove the ~/.winex-cvs/wineserver-zeppo directory every time I 
start wine, things should work. They don't. I don't get the error message, but nothing, NOTHING 
Any ideas?  
/Fredrik Persson 

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