Wine compile error in tools/wpp (ppl.l) under debian

Daniela Ruschak dani at
Wed Apr 30 04:37:00 CDT 2003

> I'm getting a compile error when trying to compile the flex output of
> ppl.l in tools/wpp.  This is under Debian (Woody) with latest updates.
I got the same error. But not under woody.

> Can anybody help me out?  Enclosed is the output of the build and
> folling that, the installed packages.  I have also tried the latest
> version (20030408) with identical results.
> ii  flex           2.5.31-4       A fast lexical analyzer generator.
Oh dear, thats not the woody package:

downgrade to version
flex 2.5.4a-24

I've found this information in the topic of the irc chat :-(

How to downgrade:

point 6.2.7
point 6.2.8

make sure that the stable dist is available in your sources.list


apt-get install -t <stable-dist> flex 
it should work.



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