Windows 3.0 apps can't find their files

brett holcomb brettholcomb at
Tue Dec 16 12:50:58 CST 2003

Ahh, that cd <G>.  I think it's just the way the game is. 
 Especially older games needed to be in their directory or 
they complained.  You can write a shell wrapper to cd to 
that directory and then run wine.

On Tue, 16 Dec 2003 10:37:25 -0800
  "Mark Knecht" <mknecht at> wrote:
>>   "Mark Knecht" <mknecht at> wrote:
>> >> Does Ceaser 3 have copy protection?
>> >
>> >No, not at all. It's a very nice, but old game without
>> >any protection at
>> >all.
>> >
>Sorry Brett. My typing wasn't the clearest there. I meant 
>'cd' to the
>directory on disk, not to the CD. It does actually 
>require the CD to be
>mounted, but that's not where I start the program.
>- Mark
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