A few quick questions

Tony Lambregts tony_lambregts at telusplanet.net
Wed Feb 12 16:31:22 CST 2003

dkopko at stevens-tech.edu wrote:

>I am using wine-02052003 CVS.  (I posted this before but I assume it got dumped
>by the spam filter as I wasn't yet subscribed.)
>1)  Is it at all advisable to run any of the DirectX installers that come with
>games?  Are they totally useless to wine, or if not, which of the dlls which
>they provide would be useful to have installed?
 Why are you trying to install DirectX. AFAICT this is not going to 
work.  Wines implementation of DirectX may need improvement but I think 
it would work better that trying to use a native version.

>2)  I read on one of these mailing lists that the wine executable (and I assume
>the libraries?) has to be able to be reached from a Windows drive letter.  Is
>this really so?  I let winebuild do the build and install, but it did set that
>up for me.  If it should be that way, what is the usual way to set that up (as
>/usr/local/lib/wine is not writable by the user I'd like to run games as)?
The problem is not with wine executables (in /usr/local/lib/wine)  but 
the wine source tree ./tools/wineinstall is slightly broken that way. 
There is a patch in the queue that fixes this.  It really depends on 
where you have installed wine for this to affect you the way it is. If 
your wine tree is in your home directory somewhere then most likely this 
is not an issue.

>3)  Is there any simple and straightfoward way to test whether or not wine is
>having trouble using OpenGL for hardware acceleration?  I have been unable to
>get it to work with Grim Fandango.  I have an nVidia card, and I noticed there
>was discussion of a problem or uniqueness due to their headers.  Is there some
>special way that I need to compile wine?
I am far from an expert on this issue and will leave it for someone 
better qualified.


Tony Lambregts

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