Cases in Filenames

Paul McNett p at
Wed Feb 12 21:06:06 CST 2003

I'm running into a problem with Visual FoxPro, although I suspect other 
Windows programs running under Wine suffer from similar effects.

Basically, Visual FoxPro uses a binary data format to save a lot of 
information, and these are usually broken up into 2 or 3 file extensions.  
For instance:

The main table containing my classes

The memo table containing all the class code.

My problem is that sometimes Visual FoxPro changes the case of the file 
extensions on me, so that one minute it is myclasslibrary.vct and the next 
its myclasslibrary.VCT.

Not a big deal really, because Wine doesn't care about case.  But its opened 
up an interesting situation for me as I'm using CVS to maintain my updates, 
and CVS does care about case.  The repository may have it as *.vct, while 
workstation 1 has it as *.vct but workstation 2 has it as *.VCT.  If I 
commit from workstation 2 *.VCT will be skipped even though *.vcx was 
committed, resulting in corruption in the repository version as the vcx no 
longer syncs up with the vct.

I could write some code in VFP or a script in Linux to just make all files 
lowercase before committing to CVS, but was wondering if there is a setting 
somewhere in Wine that I could fiddle with that would simply change the 
case of all files to lower (or upper for that matter).  Is this even a 
problem for anyone but me / am I overlooking another much simpler 

Thanks... drinking and using Wine in Hollister.

Paul McNett - p at
Hollister, California, USA

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