Cases in Filenames

Tony Lambregts tony_lambregts at
Sun Feb 16 13:15:08 CST 2003

Paul McNett wrote:

>I'm running into a problem with Visual FoxPro, although I suspect other 
>Windows programs running under Wine suffer from similar effects.
>Basically, Visual FoxPro uses a binary data format to save a lot of 
>information, and these are usually broken up into 2 or 3 file extensions.  
>For instance:
>The main table containing my classes
>The memo table containing all the class code.
>My problem is that sometimes Visual FoxPro changes the case of the file 
>extensions on me, so that one minute it is myclasslibrary.vct and the next 
>its myclasslibrary.VCT.

Is this FoxPro doing this or Wine. Does windows behave the same way? If 
not I think that starting a bug report would be a good idea. A trace 
with -debugmsg +file should tell us something.


Tony Lambregts

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