Clarification on memory management of wine

kumar ravi ravi_kumar_g78 at
Thu Feb 13 20:23:50 CST 2003

Dear Group members,
    I want to know how efficinetly wine is
manipulating memory. Is it having one copy of TEXT
space of an application in memory for any no of times,
the application is open or allocating seperate TEXT
Space for each instance.

   I want to clarify abt memory manipulation b'cos
when i run a notepad the total memory including TEXT,
DATA and Stack is 87MB.I opened another instance of
notepad it also showed a more or less same amount of
   And one more thing, i checked in WIN2000 for the
memory occupied for notepad. it is only 1.5MB. Why
wine is using so much memory. 

Can anybody Plz help me out in this regard.
Hoping to get ur clarification soon.

with regards,

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