Opera 7

Z_God zeldario at wanadoo.nl
Mon Feb 24 17:37:18 CST 2003

You do know there is a Linux version of Opera don't you?

Op maandag 24 februari 2003 19:03, schreef Ebadu:
> Hi guys,
> I was just surprised to see that the Opera 7 Installer (without Java) runs
> perfectly and installs Op7. After that I was even  more surprised to see
> that also Opera itself starts without any modifications needed as wine
> opera.exe. But surfing a little around I found some problems, for which
> perhaps anyone here has a solution?
> - sadly it crashes every now and then. I suspect something with dhtml, a
> site where it always crashes (unlike under win) is mozillas devedge-site
> (to be found over  mozilla.org, I don't remember the correct address). Is
> there some way to locate what causes this problems and to see if it could
> be fixed easily?
> - when downloading a file, it's first impossible to save it (at least for
> me). I have to go through Advanced->save always as->enter my downloaddir,
> then it works for that particular file type
> - on right click+mouse wheel to change tab the context menu comes up, which
> disturbs the gesture
> But I think it's great to see Opera running so easy out of the box!
> Perhaps anyone has further ideas!
> Greetings, Joost

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