superscript fonts

aschlag at aschlag at
Wed Feb 26 11:58:50 CST 2003

Just a couple of quick questions I haven't been able to find the answer to yet regarding wine...

I'm using the latest released version of wine, and it's been working wonderfully for the programs I need it for, with one small problem.  The program I'm trying to use displays (or is trying to display) fonts in superscript as a means of linking to a cross-reference.  Under wine though, all I get are blocks in the places where the superscript reference is.  All other fonts work fine.

Also, I've been looking into wine's USB support.  If it's possible, can you use USB devices under wine?  Not a big deal if not, I was just trying to find out, and like I said I couldn't find any info on it...

Thanks for your input.


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