Duane Clark dclark at
Wed Feb 26 12:39:45 CST 2003

Paul McNett wrote:
> ...
> Now, the opposite is of course also true.  I run a program (Visual FoxPro) 
> that results in lots of output to the console at the default debugmsg level 
> (mostly FIXME:LockFile() not implemented).  I can speed up VFP a fraction 
> by issuing:
> wine -debugmsg -all <vfp7.exe>

To throw in my two cents worth, since I generally like to see error 
messages, I usually do:

wine --debugmsg fixme-all -- program

Actually, I do that so much, that it is an alias (I use tcsh):

alias win   'wine --debugmsg fixme-all -- '

so that I can just type "win program"

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