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Wed Feb 26 12:32:07 CST 2003

On Wednesday 26 February 2003 09:09 am, John Allman wrote:

> Hi - i'm trying to get the client from to run under
> wine. It just flashes up a window for a second and then shuts down (i
> dont have time to see what the window looks like). 

FWIW, you can slow down the execution of your program enough to see the 
window by turning on more debug information, such as:

wine -debugmsg +relay <yourprogram.exe>
or, if that isn't slow enough:
wine -debugmsg +all <yourprogram.exe>

Now, the opposite is of course also true.  I run a program (Visual FoxPro) 
that results in lots of output to the console at the default debugmsg level 
(mostly FIXME:LockFile() not implemented).  I can speed up VFP a fraction 
by issuing:

wine -debugmsg -all <vfp7.exe>

> I cant remember the exact version of wine that i'm using but i think
> it's the "last but one" release. Can anyone help?

I can't help you with your program, other than to suggest that there must be 
alternative programs available for Linux.  You can always get the Wine 
version by issuing:

wine --version


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