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 --- Rizsanyi Zsolt <rizsanyi at> a écrit : > On Wednesday
08 January 2003 03:00, Sylvain Petreolle wrote:
> > /me tested with 2 MSI Motherboards and an Asus motherboard.
> > Now testing with a Jetway MotherBoard.
> It was not exactly clear from your first mail if you have occasional
> crashes 
> or you get crash _every_ time you try to do hard video activity.
> Also are you using Intel or Athlon processor?
I'm getting occasional crashes with video player and X.
Reading logs of "startx &>log" and XFree86.?.log when the machines
crashes shows that X server is dying.
For wine, I get some reproducible crashes, for example when running
'make test',
but this only wine that is crashing, always into
I used Duron and now I'm using Athlon.

> I have a Matrox G450. I had much problems with Asus A7V133 (Via KT133
> chipset 
> for Athlon). No 3D games worked. There were no problems with video.
> Then I have changed to an Asus A7A133 (Ali MagiK 1 chipset). Also did
> not had 
> problems with video, but 3D games freezed, till I have set AGP to 4x
> in the 
> BIOS and set AGPmode to 4 in the XF86Config. When both were 2 it has
> freezed 
> right away.
I never changed the AGP configuration if XF86Config, I only changed the
specified by NVidia, such as module comments and add.

> And of course you are aware of the Athlon 'bug' which manifests
> itself primarily with nvidia cards. You should use >= linux-2.4.19
(if I
> remember exatly, or set the mem=nopentium option to the kernel.
> Regards
> Zsolt 
I dont know this bug, I asked about crashes on NVidia forums but get
not sufficient information. Im using the latest available RedHat 8.0
kernel, 2.4.18-19.8.0.

Thanks for the tips.
Did it fix some crashes for you ?

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