Various problems- it just gets worse!

Paul McNett p at
Mon Jul 7 09:27:17 CDT 2003

Tom Barnes-Lawrence writes:

> So it seems that the changes I'd tried to make to the
> config file hadn't been making a difference because the old
> wineserver didn't reread it, and wine was connecting to that
> instead.

Yes, one wineserver per ./wine directory. That is something I 
had to learn the hard way as well. I actually haven't seen a 
case where the wineserver didn't die automatically, but what 
can happen is that a given application will release all its 
windows but not quit, leaving that stray process plus the 
wineserver. Killing the last process usually takes the 
wineserver with it a couple seconds later.

>  I'd be suprised if many newbies could work that out. It took
> me most of the day. I'm not saying wine should change the way
> it works there, but that bit of advice should be made clearer
> IMO.

How do you suggest making it clearer? A paragraph in the docs?

Paul McNett

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