Attempting to run IE6 under Wine on Redhat 9

Paul Older paul at
Tue Jul 8 02:14:49 CDT 2003

Thanks for your response Sylvain

> Any line like "..." = "native" in your config file implies that you
> copy a real dll from your windows partition.
> > 	err:module:import_dll Module (file) SHLWAPI.dll (which is needed by
> > Z:\iexplore.exe) not found.

> You must copy _the entire directory_ of Internet Explorer.
> > Under XP I copied the IE6 exe to the shared partition and then
> > rebooted into Linux.

I copied over SHLWAPI.dll from Windows and then also SHDOCVW.dll when I was similarly prompted that it could not be found

I also copied my entire directory of Internet Explorer to the shared drive.

When I now run:

$ LD_ASSUME_KERNEL=2.2.5 wine /shared/Internet\ Explorer/iexplore.exe

..there is a short pause as if the application is about to load but then nothing happens - no error messages or anything.

Any further ideas?


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