Compiler Help??

Zsolt Rizsanyi rizsanyi at
Wed Jun 4 03:22:37 CDT 2003

On Wednesday 04 June 2003 02.57, Raymond Wells wrote:
> Am fairly new to this and totally new to Wine and can use some help
> getting wine to setup.
> I am running Mandrake Linux 8.2 on the small half of a 60 Gig harddrive
> of a dual boot machine ..
> AMD  Duron 650 Mhz w/ 500 meg ram
> When I run ./tools/wine-install  I get the following
>     Configure: creating cache  config. cache
>     checking build system type --- i686-pc-linux -gnu
>     checking  host system type --- i686-pc-linux -gnu
>     checking whether  make stes $(Make) ... yes
>     checking for  gcc .... gcc
>     checking for c  compiler default output ---- configure:  error:  c
>  compiler cannot create executable,
>     see config  log for details
>     configure failed   aborting install
> I am guessing  there is no C compiler in my distro .
> I kneed to know if I must install a compiler.... where I might get one
> ... and  where should it be installed

You have a c compiler. That's the gcc found one line earlier than the error.
You should check config.log to see what is the problem.

> Also is the edition of wine I have downloaded an appropriate version for
> my Linux.

You did not specify what version of wine you have :)
But all versions should be appropriate for every linux distribution.


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