Compiler Help??

Stephen Mollett molletts at
Wed Jun 4 03:08:16 CDT 2003

 --- Raymond Wells <raymond.wells at> wrote:

> When I run ./tools/wine-install  I get the following
> ...
>     checking for  gcc .... gcc
>     checking for c  compiler default output ----
> configure:  error:  c 
>  compiler cannot create executable,
>     see config  log for details
>     configure failed   aborting install
> I am guessing  there is no C compiler in my distro .
> ...

Hmmm... You've definitely got a compiler; configure
detected the presence of gcc, which is the standard
compiler on Linux.

Can you post the contents of config.log for us to
peruse? That should elaborate on the rather ambiguous
"cannot create executable" message.



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