Red alert bottleneck problem

Disruptor ksidirop at
Mon Jun 23 09:10:44 CDT 2003

Hi all you gyus. First of all, let me thank and congratulate you for the
awsome work you do on offering help and troubleshooting support to wine's
society. I am sure that many members of it (me included) are thankful to
you for this.
  Now, I don't have a problem running wine, I am just  struck  by  it's
performance sometimes. Can anyone give a hint on why  Red  alert is  so
slow sometimes?? (especially when scrolling or moving  units around)  I
mean, at the FAQ section of WineHQ we read  that   wine is  capable  of
running  windows applications at about  the same speed  that  they  run
at windows. Then how can be explained that red alert can run  without a
glitch on a windows  machine (pentium3,  with  an  ancient  video  card,
128Mb RAM  and a  5200rpm HD),  while  on  a  linux  machine (Duron1200,
Nvidia  GeForce2 MX400, 512Mb RAM, 7200rpm  HD)  running  wine,  RA  is
draging it's feet once you scroll or move units around. How can this be
if Quake3 on this later  machine  is more than fully playable? So, have
I missed any performance boosting configuration tweak or is it that  RA
is not  3d-accelaration aware or something?? Any experience on this matter
or any suggestions?? Thanks in advance.


P.S.: using wine-20030508-1rh8winehq.athlon.rpm on Rh8.

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