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Hi, Guy's.  Newbie here, to both Linux (<1 year using) and Wine (only
started messing with it recently)

I made a deal with a freind that will net me "free" wireless, but i
either need to get his program running under Wine, or else i'll need to
goto a virtual PC, or worse yet, build a MS box.  since this is a
microsoft free home, and I wish to keep it that way, I'm trying Wine.

the program I need to run is using VB code.  I tried running it with the
version of wine included with my CD's.  that gave me an error that it
couldn't find the required .dll's, so I went searching, and found the
wine faq, which said to get vbrun60.dll.  I couldn't find this file, the
closest was vbrun60.exe off of MS's web site, but this wouldn't install

Asking on the SuSE list, I was advised to use the /C switch, but wine
did not (appear to) even load.

i found, and upgraded to the April release of wine, and retired to
install vb code, but with the same results.

So, 1, can I run VB programs under wine, 2, where do I find vbrun60.dll,
and 3, how do I install it.

I'd like to find whoever thought up visual basic, and intoduce him to my
steel pipe.  i'm no programmer, but as I see it, Visual basic is to
programing as an erector set is to construction


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