Using Visual basic with Wine

Pedro Restrepo pedrores at
Wed May 7 21:56:22 CDT 2003

Hi Joe,

Please be patient, the explanation will be a little boring:

1. Visual Basic is a tool (language) used to make applications (programs)
2. Windows use a concept called "dynamic libraries". These dynamic
libraries are collections of little programs that can be called by the
"main" programs. (For example: a word processor program can call
a little program for read a file from the disk, and this last program is
within a dynamic library).
3. The dynamic libraries are files with the extension "DLL". These DLL's
are located usually in the directory \windows\system.

With those concepts understood, VBRUN60.DLL is the library employed
by the applications created using Visual Basic 6. This library must be
with the application (otherwise, the application will not work). The first
source must be the installation disk (s) of the application. On the other
you can find VBRUN60.DLL in any MSBox that have any application created with

VBasic 6.0 or you can find it in some sites in the web.

Another point: Wine create a "fake" windows directory and a "fake"
directory. You must put (copy) the DLL in this directory (where the
application will
search for the VBRUN60.DLL).

I hope this help you.

Pedro Restrepo

Joe Dufresne wrote:

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> Hi, Guy's.  Newbie here, to both Linux (<1 year using) and Wine (only
> started messing with it recently)
> I made a deal with a freind that will net me "free" wireless, but i
> either need to get his program running under Wine, or else i'll need to
> goto a virtual PC, or worse yet, build a MS box.  since this is a
> microsoft free home, and I wish to keep it that way, I'm trying Wine.
> the program I need to run is using VB code.  I tried running it with the
> version of wine included with my CD's.  that gave me an error that it
> couldn't find the required .dll's, so I went searching, and found the
> wine faq, which said to get vbrun60.dll.  I couldn't find this file, the
> closest was vbrun60.exe off of MS's web site, but this wouldn't install
> either.
> Asking on the SuSE list, I was advised to use the /C switch, but wine
> did not (appear to) even load.
> i found, and upgraded to the April release of wine, and retired to
> install vb code, but with the same results.
> So, 1, can I run VB programs under wine, 2, where do I find vbrun60.dll,
> and 3, how do I install it.
> I'd like to find whoever thought up visual basic, and intoduce him to my
> steel pipe.  i'm no programmer, but as I see it, Visual basic is to
> programing as an erector set is to construction
> Joe
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