error wineinstalling

Saulius Krasuckas Saulius.Krasuckas at
Sun May 11 16:36:42 CDT 2003

Duane Clark wrote:

> Not, it is not bad, but it also is not necessary. You should be able to
> run "cvs update -PAd" from within the wine-code sub-dir.

  thanks :), it will get me easier life I hope.

> But I don't know what the original problem is. I updated to the latest
> CVS today, and aside from opengl related problems, it compiled fine
> for me. That on RH7.3.
> By the way, I almost never do "make distclean". I did not do that this
> time, and probably have not for several months. In theory, it should
> not be needed, and only makes you recompile everything instead of only
> what has changed.

  thanks once more. I will keep both notices in mind. BTW, I run "make
distclean" only after I got stuck with that error. and one more fact:

[s2 at localhost wine]$ find ./ -name wine_common_ver.rc

  should I analyze dlls/kernel/Makefile to reverse the source of an error?

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