Wine unable to open display.

Philipp Wollermann phil_wo at
Sun May 18 10:56:33 CDT 2003

Could you please tell us some details about your Linux? (bash version,
distribution, etc.)

> Why is this the preferred method?
Because it setups a complete fake_windows directory including directories,
symbolic links to some wine programs, a default registry and a config file
matching to your system. Doing this all from scratch is error-prone and
uncomfortable.. ;-)
An alternative to wineinstall is the usual "./configure && make dep && make
&& make install" and then using WineSetupTk to configure wine. (But I like
the wineinstall script better..)

> Anyone have any ideas about these errors? Any help/suggestions will be
These errors are rather weird - they're not from wineinstall but from
configure, which makes it a little more complicated ...

Are you sure that you've done exactly these steps:

cd ~
tar -xzvf Wine-20030508.tar.gz
cd wine

If you did so, I can't imagine what's going wrong. My only guess is, that
some installed programs (aka bash) are in a wrong version and then
wineinstall triggers a bug which gives these errors.


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