Wine unable to open display.

Duane Clark dclark at
Sun May 18 11:36:03 CDT 2003

Rob Hughes wrote:
> RH 9, I hate bash, so I use pdksh 5.2.14, all updates applied. I am
> using the --with-nptl switch in wineinstall.
> So, to follow up to myself, winetools is just b0rked. I do *not* put the
> cvs gathered source in ~/ due to quotas and the fact that $HOME is a
> network mounted share. It goes in a global source directory on my build
> machine, which is the only one with the needed build tools.

That should be fine. The source does not have to go in ~/. I don't have 
it there on my machine. But the directory and source should be owned by 
you, the user, not by root. It works fine that way.

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