error compiling wine

Saulius Krasuckas Saulius.Krasuckas at
Wed May 21 10:50:48 CDT 2003

> > i have the cvs from winehq and i too get the same error messages
> > (below). i run mdk 9.1. regards, subash.
> >
> A couple of people have mentioned the problem on wine-devel, so I think
> it will be fixed real soon now. It builds just fine for me, so I really
> don't know what the problem is.

  yeah, it compiles now after I have run "cvs update -PAd" recently
wine-cvs dir (it was still not server). as for me there
remains some side-questions like:
  how can I "go back" in patch-history? I would like to see patch(es)
which get led me to such error-state, so I need this ability to gain some
speed. writes:

  * cvs update -D date (get the revision associated with an arbitrary date)

  I have read some "man cvs" pages, but haven't found how should I "walk"
through a patch-history by patch number and not by date.. any ideas?

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