Another possible regression

Rob Hughes rob at
Thu May 22 20:47:40 CDT 2003

I found a closed bug at winehq that seems very similar to what I'm
seeing. The error is :

fixme:process:CreateProcessA (C:\windows\grpconv.exe,...):
fixme:process:CreateProcessA (C:\windows\grpconv.exe,...):
err:module:BUILTIN32_LoadLibraryExA loaded .so but dll imm.dll still not
found - 16-bit dll or version conflict.

This is followed by a divide by zero error while trying to run an
installer. I also see it when running wine boot, right before one of
several varieties of breaks to the debugger. Running wine with
--debugmsg trace+loaddll shows that no attempt is made to load imm,
either native or builtin. Any ideas?

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