program unstable - wine20031016

Serge Naggar naggar at
Wed Nov 12 14:44:58 CST 2003


I have a win98 program which I am trying to get to work with wine.

It opens windows within windows [sub-windows within the program] but the
sub-windows are not stable and the program is not functioning correctly
- the cursor no longer responds.

When I close I find a set of messages which I am at a loss to interpret
and correct.

Can you help.

The error messages are:

fixme:mdi:MDIRefreshMenu partially function stub

err:datetime:DATETIME_WindowProc unknown msg wp=0...0 lp=0..0

err:rebar:REBAR_SIZE WM_Size out of create and flags=0..02

fixme:dialog:MSGBOX_OnInit task modal msgbox ! Not modal yet

Most of the messages appear more than once except the last one.

I hope the messages provide the solution!


                           Naggar Consulting

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