Running DC++ ?

Pavel Troller patrol at
Wed Oct 8 01:26:00 CDT 2003

Hello there,
  I'm trying to operate DC++ client on wine. It's a crying shame that there is
no native Linux implementation of it (it's GNU/GPL), but it's just another
question. It installs perfectly, seems to run well but it doesn't work:
  1) It cannot remember its settings. I'm filling them carefully, pressing OK,
but nothing is remembered. Even when I bring the config dialog back immediately,
it's totally unfilled and I can start from the beginning :-(. Of course when
the program is restarted, nothing is remembered, too.
  2) The program looks like it cannot establish the network connection and
download the hublist. I tried it from Linux (using wget) and it works. A simple
network apps (like telnet.exe) work perfectly in wine. So I also don't know
where the problem is, maybe because it doesn't get the networking data I've just
tried to configure ?
  3) When the program exits (regularly, using Exit item in the File menu),
wineserver continues to run. When I start it from a shell, it doesn't return to
the prompt until a Break (Ctrl-C) is sent. Other windoze programs don't cause
this, wine environment is normally terminated immediately.
  I'm using the current (yesterday's) CVS update of wine, compiled with
gcc-3.3.1 running on Linux kernel 2.6.0-test6. It's almost fake-windows
environment, except a few DLLs grabbed from NT4.0 but I thing they are currently
not used.
  In the console output, there seems to be nothing important.
  Any help, what can be wrong ? Does anybody run DC++ in wine ?
                                          With regards, Pavel Troller

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