Wine Networking: SOLUTION

Duane Clark dclark at
Thu Oct 9 13:27:21 CDT 2003

Darryl Luff wrote:
> ...
> I changed to the winehq RPM (wine-20030911-1rh9winehq), and I could now 
> run notes and visio in the fake windows install, with the winver left at 
> "auto". But still no networking.
> Doing a "wine --debugmsg warn+all c:\\notes\\notes.exe" I noticed a lot 
> of warnings like this:
> warn:dosfs:DOSFS_FindUnixName L"KERNEL32.dll" not found in 
> '/home/dluff/.wine/c/notes'...
> Some of the DLL's it couldnt find were in the windows\system32 
> directory. I tried adding this to the [wine]Path variable, but it didn't 
> make any difference. So I did the stupid thing (cp system32/* system) 
> and now it's all working! I'm pretty sure this was a bad solution but at 
> least it worked.

You could try setting the environment variable:
export WINEDLLPATH=/usr/local/lib/wine
using whatever the path is to your Wine DLLs.

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