wine user-friendliness

olorin5 at olorin5 at
Sat Oct 18 16:53:27 CDT 2003

 Just a silly question. 
 I would like to know if there exists 
 any plan/technical possibility 
 to enable a user (some day) to associate 
 a file-type (let's say, "*.doc") 
 with an app launched by Wine 
 (e.g. "winword"), so that I coluld 
 view files with a windows app 
 simply by clicking on them in my native 
 filemanagers' window. I've been 
 trying some experiments by putting a line 
 wine "/path/app.exe" 
 into KDE/Gnome configuration, but with no 
 satisfying result. 
 sorry for bothering-- 
 "Rome wasn't burnt in a day." 

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