Running ProComm Plus on Wine

Ed Leafe ed at
Fri Oct 24 12:13:05 CDT 2003


	I have a legacy application that uses ProComm Plus for Windows to 
communicate with a minicomputer system via telnet. I have not been able 
to get it to work on Linux (RH8) using Wine. I've tried both the 
20030911 and 20031016 releases. When I attempt to connect via Telnet, 
it says that "the required module is not installed".

	I then installed the CodeWeavers product, and was able to install and 
run the ProComm Plus telnet scripts without a problem. Is this 
something to be expected? I'm rather new to Wine, and was hoping to be 
able to use the standard release, which works for all our legacy apps 
except this one. If it means paying an extra $50 per site, so be it, 
but does anyone have any idea what the difference is between the two? 
Is there a Windows DLL that needs to be copied over? Or is this just 
expecting too much of Wine right now?

  Ed Leafe

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