Strange exitcode

The Fallen The-Fallen at
Sat Oct 25 10:17:05 CDT 2003

Hi there!

I try to point it: when i install a program using wine the setup window
opens and after less than a second it crashes down without any
errormessages. When using -debugmsg +loaddll it didnt help so
i tried -debugmsg +all. This didnt help a lot too, but i found something
strange where i think it is the cause for the crash. I think its the part
where the dlls are loaded. Any suggestions and even better help would
be very kind ;)

0009:Ret  PE DLL (proc=0x40978710,module=0x40960000 
retval=1trace:module:process_attach (L"shell32.dll",0x1) - END
trace:module:process_attach (L"Setup.exe",0x1) - END
000a:Call PE DLL (proc=0x4048fb30,module=0x40450000 
L"kernel32.dll",reason=THREAD_ATTACH,res=(nil))000a:Ret  PE DLL 
L"kernel32.dll",reason=THREAD_ATTACH,res=(nil)) retval=1000a:Call PE DLL 
L"x11drv.dll",reason=THREAD_ATTACH,res=(nil))000a:Ret  PE DLL 
L"x11drv.dll",reason=THREAD_ATTACH,res=(nil)) retval=1000a:Call PE DLL 
L"user32.dll",reason=THREAD_ATTACH,res=(nil))000a:Ret  PE DLL 
retval=1trace:message:SPY_EnterMessage (0x10020) L"{#32769}"      
message [0081] WM_NCCREATE sent from self wp=00000000 
lp=00000000trace:msg:QUEUE_CreateMsgQueue (): Creating message queue...
0009:Starting process L"M:\\Setup.exe" (entryproc=0x407370)
trace:message:SPY_ExitMessage  (0x10020) L"{#32769}"      message [0081] 
WM_NCCREATE returned 00000000trace:module:LdrShutdownProcess ()

The Fallen

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