internet explorer and webpack xilinx

David Jones gnome at
Tue Sep 2 03:31:33 CDT 2003

On 29 Aug 03, at 20:14, Roland H„der wrote:

> On Friday 29 August 2003 07:30 pm, maxim65 at
> wrote: > I'm using linux from october 1996 and I'm close
> to say good by to > window just only for remainig two
> think. > One is the digital electronic development tools
> of the xilinx that > I'm tryng to install under wine and
> the last is internet explorer, > becouse same web sites
> does'nt work with the other browsers. > > Is there same
> people that is using wine sucessfull with those two >
> programs? > > Thanks in advance > > Massimo
> Regarding your IE problem: Konqueror gives you the
> possibility to change the User Agent string for every
> seperate domain. So why do you still try to install
> Microshit Outernet Exploder??? ;-)
> There's always a better solution available... :-)

But there are sites that actually do things that work only 
in IE (particularly if they require an ActiveX plugin), or 
only work properly in IE. Heck, my employer has one 
intranet site that staff are required to use (our leave 
request system) that only works in IE for Windows, even 
though 2/3 of the staff use Macs! Oh, and if you want to 
get a printed version of our staff directory, you better 
have a Windows PC with IE and the Crystal Reports 
ActiveX plugin (doesn't work reliably with the Crystal 
Reports Java applet).

I know our programmers could have created these apps 
to work in the other platforms, but they don't have the 
time, and our most experienced programmers doesn't 
see any need for anything except PCs running Windows.

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