Old problem, new version. Keyboard Focus not shifting in Fullscreen

Dave Leckie silliness at ebbomega.com
Mon Sep 15 23:05:45 CDT 2003

Kay, here's the issue.
Way back when I first started using Wine (methinks it was about a year 
ago... probably not that long though) I managed to get You Don't Know 
Jack working, and frankly, it was all I could've asked from Wine... But 
ever since I've had nothing but problems with it.

But now the main problem I'm having is a keyboard focus deal. I run Wine 
in the console, IE
# wine ~/.wine/c/Program\ Files/YDKJ2/ydkjv2.exe
(File name may vary... I'm not actually at the computer I'm running it on)
in Red Hat 9.0 and everything works peachy until the fullscreen loads up 
and then nothing. No keyboard at all. I kill the process and realize 
that the inputs have been flowing to the console behind it.

Now, my main problem is how to get it so that the game itself grabs the 
keyboard inputs. I flipped through bugzilla and found a few bug reports 
of the same thing, including http://bugs.winehq.org/show_bug.cgi?id=292 
which seems to be the most worthwhile bug report of many that seem to be 
the same problem.

Now, I've also played around on google a lot (you can too if you put the 
words "wine" and "keyboard" and search and found a lot of seeming fixes 
that just don't work, for instance changing DXGrab to "Y".

If you guys want my ~/.wine/config I'll grab it for you, but I figured 
I'd throw this preliminary mail out and see if anybody knew offhand what 
my problem was and if there actually is a fix for it at all, as this bug 
report I found is actually from about 2 years ago, so I figured it may 
be fixed by now as I haven't really seen anything recent similar.

I'm using the 20030911 rpm for Red Hat from Source Forge.

If you need anything more for information, I'm here at the ready.

- Dave

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