Numeric data problems on wine

Hengga hengga at
Tue Sep 16 02:52:43 CDT 2003


It's my first experience with wine.

I got wine installed on my computer.  It runs Xandros Desktop 1.0 based on Debian distro.
I am about to run my applications created on windows platform. 
The applications created by Sybase Power Builder 7.0.
When I run the applications, if I put the numeric data (integer, long integer, etc.), e.g.:
1 it will appears +..
11 it will appears +..1
111 it will appears +.1.1
123 it will appears +.2.3

When I try to run it on windows, everything fine.
What's wrong with it? Anyone have the experience.  Help me please.
BTW, my wine package is wine-20030911.tar.gz

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