[Wine]VVDQ : GPS/topo-map software?

Rich Shepard rshepard at appl-ecosys.com
Sun Aug 15 11:23:13 CDT 2004

On Sat, 14 Aug 2004, Beartooth wrote:

> Not quite. Until very recently I waited for reports from interested but
> far more knowledgeable friends -- ones who *understood* linux (which I
> barely manage to run, because I hate MS so much) -- and knew how to run
> and even tweak wine. Then scuttlebutt reached me that Codeweavers' version
> could do it; I tried; no joy. Cw wouldn't install for me under FC1, and
> under RH9 (which I still had, but don't now) wouldn't install DeLorme nor
> Garmin, let alone run them.

  Part of your problem _may_ be related to the distribution. A local fellow
was having problems with FC2 and was chastised by a local guru (who's been
involved in X Window System development for a long time) that this
version needs to be considered experimental, alpha-level technology. I
suspect FC1 is not much better. When Red Hat decided to fork Fedora it was
declared to be their bleeding-edge technology test bed. Things that worked
would find their way into the Red Hat Enterprise versions. Quite some time
ago I decided that Red Hat was too much work for me despite 6 years of use.
So I switched to Slackware and I'm much more satisfied.

  This is not intended to start a flame war. I do suggest, however, that you
look at other distributions (e.g., Debian and its derivatives, Mandrake,
SuSe and even Slackware) for one that is aimed at your level of expertise
and comfort with linux.

  Another part of your problem _may_ be related to the resources required by
these mapping applications and how well those resources are supported by
wine. I'm thinking of graphics capabilities in particular. An older version
of the mapping software, one designed for win98 for example, may be more
fully supported by wine than the latest version that's designed to run on XP
or whatever it is Microsoft is pushing this week.

  Finally, you may want to find a local users group who can give you
hands-on assistance with linux in general and getting this software to run
in particular. If you point your browser to <http://www.ssc.com/> you'll
find _somewhere_ there a list called "GLUE". That's Groups of Linux Users
Everywhere. Perhaps there's an active bunch where you are.



Dr. Richard B. Shepard, President
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