[Wine]Wine and HoI game: very nearly runs

Simon Kitching simon at ecnetwork.co.nz
Sun Aug 15 21:04:02 CDT 2004


I recently tried to run the MS-Windows WWII strategy game "Hearts of
Iron" using Wine on Linux. And it *very nearly* works. If any wine
developer is interested in trying to resolve the last issues, I would be
happy to work with them on this.

In fact, "Hearts of Iron" runs perfectly. I gave it a 5-hour "stress
test" ;-) and did not experience a single problem. There are some minor
problems on startup, but there are reasonable workarounds for those.

The sole remaining problem is that saved games cannot be loaded.
Unfortunately, this is a show-stopper as a game of HoI typically takes
several days to play!

When loading a saved game, a message that (from memory) is roughly:
 "Exception in thread 0009: starting wine debugger"
is displayed, then a "usage" message about the wine debugger, then
nothing happens. No debugger prompt, etc.

I tried both the latest Debian Wine package, and compiled from the
latest CVS sources (as of 13 Aug 2004), but the behaviour was identical.

I'm an experienced c/c++/etc developer on unix, but know very little
about windows programming. I'm certainly able to get some stack traces,
etc. on this issue if anyone is interested and can give me some basic

Info on the game can be found here: http://www.heartsofiron-game.com/



PS: Congrats to the Wine team. I was most impressed how well HoI ran on

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