[Wine]First use of 20040813

saurian saurian at thelink.net
Mon Aug 16 10:09:13 CDT 2004

I tried it and I'm still getting the "running a second game server causes
a lockup problem". The last version that did not have this problem was
20031212. I was running that version for a very long time and happily
running 3 or four game servers at the same time with out a problem.

My linux machine harddrive crashed hard the other day and I lost the
old version of the rpm. And unfortunately 20031212 has scolled off
sourceforge. Anybody know where I can get a copy of the old version?

I've run debugs on any new version after that, and as far as I can tell
there is some infinate loop that it gets into when the second server

The game servers I was running was Descent 3.

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