[Wine]Font troubles: Wine always uses Baekmuk

Sebastian Reichelt SebastianR at gmx.de
Mon Aug 16 10:06:04 CDT 2004


I have installed Wine through Debian without any existing Windows
partition. However, I cannot get the fonts to display correctly. I don't
want to install the Microsoft fonts because that somehow messes up the
Pango aliases, affecting IceWM and GTK2. I could not figure out how to
solve that. Anyway, I'd rather use the FreeSans font as the default
system font, and also map Arial and Helvetica to it.

With the default Wine configuration, however, Wine always substitutes
the Baekmuk font, which looks very ugly. It seems to be the first
available TrueType font or so. But xfontsel shows a nice sans-serif font
for -adobe-helvetica-. I've also tried to set the default font to
FreeSans (e.g. -*-freesans-, and various other things) or just sans.
Nimbus Sans L would also be fine.

I've noticed something even more strange. In an app of my own, where I
can set the font to use, I can set the font to FreeSans and it really
uses that font (it's just a little small). However, if I set it to
Helvetica and add an alias from Helvetica to FreeSans, it still uses
Baekmuk instead.

Could the problem have something to do with XFT? Wine displays fonts in
a nice antialiased way, whereas xfontsel doesn't. Well, I really don't
have a clue. Maybe my X font setup is messed up, too.

Thanks for any suggestions you might have.

Sebastian Reichelt

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