[Wine]Wine and industrial communication like OPC

Rickard Svensson riq at mail.com
Wed Aug 25 01:41:13 CDT 2004


I have some questions about Wine and how/if it can be used with industrial communication like OPC (MicroSoft Com/DCom objects, DDE and more)

My short question is:
Can I use Wine to make OPC communication work with a Linux system.

OPC "OLE for Process Control"
A "general" standard for communication in industrial systems, that unfortunately is totally depending on Windows

I work on a small company in Sweden who make industrial computers for the industry, and when we a few years ago had to choose operating system for our new model I got them to choose Linux. And almost everything is perfect, we have had a working product for almost a year now, and everything is good.
But now our company needs to support OPC, this is a big problem that makes a lot of people in the company start saying things like WinCE or Win XP embedded.

I am more in need to make/use same kind of OPC api for Linux then running a windows program.
Although I could have a Win program running in Wine on the Linux machine talking with the main app on the same computer and talking OPC to other machines that need that.

I hope Wine and/or you can help me in this case. It would be a tragedy if we had to switch operating system just because of this.


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