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Wed Aug 25 21:56:53 CDT 2004

On Wed, Aug 25, 2004 at 05:46:43PM -0500, Bob Runion wrote:
> I have downloaded the WineSetuptkrpm 
> 'wine-20040813-1fc1winehq.i686.rpm', but the instructions in the 
> textbook indicate I need to DL 'WineSetuptk' and provides the site to 

I believe WineSetuptk was deprecicated in favor of WineConfig or
something or other.  It was hidden on the website, I believe by Ivan. 
Furthermore, 20040813 doesn't even USE winesetuptk.  Use an older
release, or read the docs in the source to figure out how to configure
without winesetuptk.  There *should* be an equivilant way of configuring
with a gui or script, although I haven't figured it out yet.  You can
always do it manually.

Hold it, "textbook"?  Those get outdated fast, and you may want to
remark to whomever gave you the textbook that there is no winesetuptk
anymore.  You might want to contact the assoc. author and publisher, and
get the book replaced.  Remember, this is Open Source Development -- it
moves at the speed of light.

Try looking in the archives for the mailing list(s) -- it says something
there, somewhere, about winesetuptk.

BTW, this question has been answered before, I think.

> obtain same.  The problem is that the rpm isn't shown on the site 
> described.  Can anyone advise me on where to obtain this rpm?  I am 
> runing Fedora Core 1 and 2, so if this rpm is available in the DL 
> package, please advise.
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Hope I helped.
-Michael Chang

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