[Wine] Re: Pegasus Mail: Opening HTTP links in linux browser

Timo Steuerwald timo.steuerwald at gmx.de
Sun Aug 29 06:47:37 CDT 2004

Am 28 Aug 2004 um 22:18 hat Saulius Krasuckas geschrieben:

> Is it a bug: 
> trace:exec:execute_from_key Got ddeexec L"http\\shell\\open\\ddeexec" => L"\"%1\",,-1,0,,,,"
> ? 
> I suppose yes, as the \"%1\" string should be replaced somewhere near with
> the URL originally passed to the ShellExecuteA() call (and the string
> doesn't get replaced).
The same problem appeared also in my installation as long as I have something like
[Software\\CLASSES\\htmlfile\\shell\\open\\command] 1093620621
@="\"C:\\Windows\\konqueror.exe\" \"%1\""p
in system.reg (where konqueror.exe is the "wrapper" script for konqueror).
Konqueror will be started with the URL "%1".

Even now i replaced the item again with the old setting
[Software\\CLASSES\\http\\shell\\open\\command] 1093620621
@="winebrowser %1"
and adjusted the winebrowser settings in user.reg:
[Software\\Wine\\WineBrowser] 1088978394

Now it works perfect for me, without the quotation marks it works of course also with 
the konqueror.exe-script. This was the problem!

The only thing i currently don't understand is the profit of winebrowser, is launching 
the konqueror per winebrowser not the same as launching konqueror per script???



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