[Wine]Fonts have changed w/o warning

Brad Fuller brad at sonaural.com
Sun Dec 5 22:27:31 CST 2004

Brad Fuller wrote:

> Newbie here,
> I've been installing apps and they've been working pretty darn good. I 
> don't know what I did (or what an installer did), but now all my fonts 
> (I mean ALL) are wingdings (or wingding-ish) looking. Obviously, I 
> can't read a darn thing.
> config hasn't changed and my location of fonts haven't either. It 
> appears to me that some default pointer must have changed. I've rpm -e 
> wine and them reinstalled but same problem
> Any ideas?
> brad

I'll tell you what I did which seemed to fix this problem. But, I'd 
still like to know why the fonts all of a sudden changed to wingdings.

I copied my own  TTF files to a TTF folder and then designated this path 
in the config file. The default (system) fonts then worked -- no more 

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