[Wine]Fonts have changed w/o warning

Duane Clark dclark at akamail.com
Mon Dec 6 00:12:52 CST 2004

Brad Fuller wrote:
> Brad Fuller wrote:
>> Newbie here,
>> I've been installing apps and they've been working pretty darn good. I 
>> don't know what I did (or what an installer did), but now all my fonts 
>> (I mean ALL) are wingdings (or wingding-ish) looking. Obviously, I 
>> can't read a darn thing.
>> config hasn't changed and my location of fonts haven't either. It 
>> appears to me that some default pointer must have changed. I've rpm -e 
>> wine and them reinstalled but same problem
>> Any ideas?
>> brad
> I'll tell you what I did which seemed to fix this problem. But, I'd 
> still like to know why the fonts all of a sudden changed to wingdings.
> I copied my own  TTF files to a TTF folder and then designated this path 
> in the config file. The default (system) fonts then worked -- no more 
> wingdings.

If Wine does not find any TTF fonts, then it defaults to using the fonts 
from your X server (xfs or whatever). This is what happens by default 
when you first install Wine.

If Wine finds any TTF, then it switches to only using the TTF fonts it 
knows about. What happened was that one of those applications installed 
a wingding-ish font, causing Wine to switch to that mode of operation. 
Since the only available TTF fonts were those funny looking ones, that 
is all that were used for every app. By installing more TTF fonts, Wine 
could now find a better selection.

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