[Wine]reply should be to: wine-users@winehq.org not author

Mark Knecht markknecht at gmail.com
Mon Dec 6 20:24:17 CST 2004

>  I often forget to look at the To: to see who it's going to --- I just
> assume that when I hit "reply" the msg will go back to the list (as it
> should.  it is a "distribution list" after all)
>  brad

Then consider keeping your eyes open. 

Let's explore the other case. You don't like something that someone
said. You blindly hit reply and type in a flame message. In your mind,
with your eyes closed, you think this ugly message is going to the
individual but it goes to the list.

Which is a bigger problem?

In my experience you just have to watch. I'm on about 20 lists. They
seem to break about 60/40 in your favor, but it's not like this one is
really out in left field by itself.


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