[Wine]drives - semi newbie

David L. Smith smithfamily at oswego.net
Sat Dec 11 00:51:48 CST 2004

Okay, on the nth reading about drives at 
I see that I simply need to type P:\usr\mywine, or, in my case, P:\mnt\crate 
to access my FAT drive. But, ya know, it seems I cannot find where I am to 
type this. Now, in the ancient past, I have done this in an ancient wine 
version by putting it in a certain section in the configuration file, but is 
that what I am supposed to do now? I think I'm supposed to put it into the 
[Wine] section. Is this correct? Since fstab lists my ntfs drives as 
read-only, will Wine honor that?

More questions about drives. I think the docs are saying that if I point to my 
NT window files on my NTFS drive, then Wine will use them. I take it that 
this means that it will use the unix file system to read 'em in without 
writing. Is this true?

btw, I found a remark about font resolution in my re-reading of
Since some of the apps still have shaky fonts, I hope this is saying that 
changing the font resolution will fix the problem.

David L. Smith

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