[Wine]i need serious help

Joris Huizer jorishuizer at planet.nl
Wed Dec 15 02:59:44 CST 2004

Ben Prescott wrote:
>>It's not actually a gunzip file.  It's a regular web page...a book
>>about linux actually.  Don't know why they would add that gz
> The book is available online only in that format. It assumes use of a
> current browser. They can download the pages compressed and uncompress
> them on the fly - saves on one's bandwidth, I guess.
> The likes of firefox can cope fine, as can recent versions of IE - I think. 
> Obviously, if Linux is installed already, there's probably a decent
> browser installed. (I did think that one through ;o)

It shouldn't be a problem; even my mozilla 1.0 of debian/stable (woody) 
didn't have any problems with opening the page directly;

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